Chapter 2

Oh you already wake up! Are you okay?” “Huh what am i doing here at the infirmary?!

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I saw you collapse on the floor so i pick you up! ” H-how d-did that happen? I was just walking and then..

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Naah here take this medicine


and also don’t forget to eat food i’ll be right back” then he goes out. *close the door*

What is he doing?  He’s so annoying.

images (6)I really hate him after he beats me in exam huh. No way 


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Oh? What are you doing here Kailey?” “I’m just here to visit you Zev-senpai, I was worried


Okay? Is that all? Then go back to your class and study” “You’re always so cold Zev senpai =3= what’re you doing here in the infirmary?


Nah i was just saved my princess” “WHAT YOU’RE PRINCESS HOW COULD YOU-

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 “What?” “Nandemonai (Never mind in japanese)*


Well if that’s so i have to go. please take care of my princess ” ” what the- HEY COME BACK HERE-

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Ugh this annoying “A” why would Zev likes her after she beats him long time ago


It looks like someone opened a door…

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“(It is Zev?) Oh come in! 

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Hello “A” Long time no see

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Who are you (i though it’s Zev)

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Huh you don’t know me? I’m popular at school you don’t know me?

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It’s… Already none of my business

” YOU… 




Hi Hello my fellows i just want to share some info about A H F L before I post the part 2



Picture of “A” holding her adorable cat ♡

A is born in a rich family. She’s intelligent and she always wanted to be on the top students in her class (class 3- S star section). Also she is athletic girl, she’s good at track and field.


She hates when someone taken her throne (it means when someone beats her scores) and that is Zev she really wants to beat him. One time she tries to do a background check of Zev and that day she realize something. 


On the left side shows the old Zev. light black hair and cold blue eyes. But now he changed it into a yellow hair and still the same colded blue eyes.

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Zev is active in class. Since he transferred. He’s pretty popular because of his talented powers. He is intelligent and good at sports too. And actually he’s keeping a secret about his true identity. 


Who’s that character?

1308674130_silhouette_by_hanahello-d3jkobuA third year highschool girl in Class 3-A. She is popular volleyball player in Yakusoku High school. And the one who recommend to Zev two study in the same school. One of Zev’s trusted ally. They’re both keeping their secret identity safely. She lives next door same apartment with Zev. 


Who’s that character?

received_1609933742415281She’s closed to A . She is cheerful, funny and a clingy girl. Best friend since they were young. 


Who’s that character?f7a53bb988607235c7f5698350e971411405458141_fullA math genius, hacker , Cute, Humorous, Caring, caring guy that will change A’s world.

True identity: In another world he was the head organization which involves Queen’s protection. And he needs to finish his mission ordered by a Queen. 

Always Hoping For a Love

Hi my name is “A” nice to meet you all. I’m third year highschool currently studying to a popular school “Yakusoku highschool” in Japan. My father was holding a famous clothing brand pinshoppe

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I’m always the representative in class since i was transferred. I’m Good at Sport, Games, everything . For being so talented in my class im getting popular to other sections! I feel like im a Queen in my world.

But one day i met this boy named Zev. He was transferred Last month. And he’s taking my throne.

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After he transferred in this school, he’s already got a full marks and then he’s also good at sport too.

It really getting on my nerves since he transferred, thats why i told to my father to hire more tutor to beat Zev.




In the next day, i was just coming to my classroom but i feel so dizzy

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because i slept late last night just to study, it feels like my body will collapse soooooooon.

 I heard a voice calling my name…

A?” “A! Wake up” “I got some of snacks here

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I just woke up when i heard it’s voice. I look everywhere and asking where am i?…


 We’re at the infirmary.  I was shocked that the voice i heard is Zev. He tells me that he saw me at the corridors lying on the floor so he lifted me up. 

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